Industry and Parliament Trust Website

Building a shareable website that leverages existing content and delivers it to new audiences.

Linking Industry and Parliament

We built a platform that would allow the IPT to enhance its interactions with British industry and Parliament.

Placing Focus on the User Journey

The Industry & Parliament Trust (IPT) contracted Cantarus to redesign and redevelop their existing website, and although they were not dissatisfied with their current solution, they felt that a digital refresh would elevate the organisation to an even higher level.

The user journey was identified as a key concern for the IPT. They wanted to place greater emphasis on their three core areas of business – Events, Training, and Fellowships, which were previously overshadowed by the vast amount of content on the site. They felt that their users didn't have a great understanding of the events which IPT offered because of this.

Bringing Shareable Content to the Forefront

It was critical for an organisation like the IPT, that prides itself as being a reliable source of information and an engagement platform for parliamentarians and the wider public, that the site had a uniform look and feel for each page.

A cohesive web brand also drives search engine click-through rate, delivering built-in SEO benefits without any additional optimisation required from the IPT.

Case studies now allow the IPT to highlight the unique work they do, and show concrete evidence of how they are benefitting stakeholders. By incorporating shareability throughout the new site, we leveraged the fantastic content that was consistently being produced by the IPT and allowed for it to be shared by users - introducing it to new audiences and improving brand visibility all-round. Events, Training, and Fellowships were each given a greater level of focus on the new site. Training and Fellowships were strengthened by case studies, which demonstrated the impact of the IPT’s key initiatives.

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The new and improved design, usability and functionality of the site has given the IPT team the ability to increase the quality and frequency of interactions with both members of Industry and Parliament. The IPT has since seen a huge increase in the number of event bookings, with each event in 2018, in particular, being oversubscribed.

Our experience with Cantarus has been seamless and enjoyable. Our website is integral to our cause and support, recruiting both new organisations and attendees for our events. This long-needed update will take us into the future in good stead.

Rioco Green, Communications Coordinator