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The College of Optometrists is a professional body for optometrists with over 16,000 members. The College delivers the route to qualification for the profession and provides guidance, resources, and development opportunities to give its members the ability to offer the highest-quality care to patients.

Alongside their commitment to the profession, their remit includes education of the public on matters relating to eye health. As such, their public-facing Look After Your Eyes website gained traction thanks to accessible content aimed at a wide audience.
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Powered by WordPress and featuring a rich body of content, the existing website was a great resource for the public – so much so that NHS Choices often linked through to it. However, when the NHS Choices website moved to in-house content over external links, traffic to Look After Your Eyes dropped. The College knew they were providing great content, but needed to ensure the public could find it.

The College required a complete redesign and refresh of the website, as the old design was dated, slow, and offered a poor user experience overall. Content managers had to create image tiles for every new block of content, which was both laborious and time-consuming. The College wanted to include new landing pages all in HTML and focus on creating clearer content for public consumption. Components such as headings needed to be strong and the layout had to be easier to understand.
The College approached Cantarus to deliver a brand-new website that was both contemporary and user-friendly. Accessibility was a key element of the project as the website had to meet very high standards. We designed a brand-new theme for the Look After Your Eyes website on WordPress, leveraging the flexible WordPress v5 Gutenberg editor and using a completely custom design which was done in-house. The new design was much more flexible and modern. We also created custom content management controls which removed the requirement to create custom images for key pages.

The new design was much more accessible in order to meet the College’s needs. We added in an ‘Accessibility options’ feature at the top of the homepage so users would have the ability to change the colour and text size of the website, depending on their own needs and preferences.

The College had noted that the ‘Find a local optometrist’ feature was highly important, so we ensured that this appeared clearly visible on the homepage and integrated with their existing member database.

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The College of Optometrists is really pleased with the results of the new website. Highlights include:
  • A dramatic improvement in performance – increase from 3.2s fully loaded time to 1.7s,
  • Significant improvements to content management,
  • The project was delivered within a tight timeframe with a focus on pragmatism.
Cantarus did a fantastic job with refreshing our patient-facing website in a relatively short space of time and with limited budget. Our new website is modern, fresh, accessible and includes a responsive design.
Tanya Malick, Digital Content Manager
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