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The Well Schools movement was created by Youth Sport Trust as a community for like-minded individuals with one belief in common: that wellbeing should be at the very heart of education.

The movement brings schools together, giving them the platform to drive change, share challenges and solutions, and help each other navigate the support that is already available.

Well Schools needed a website that would allow its users to connect with others, discuss any issues, and ultimately share their experiences in a valuable way. To be part of a project that will have a genuinely positive social impact was a huge draw for us as an agency.
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We set out to build an online community hub that would act as a platform for Well Schools to communicate their message and entice users into engaging with the community. To achieve this, we implemented various features such as highlighting recent community engagement – such as most liked posts or most active users – which further emphasised the benefits of joining the community.

Users can navigate through a number of Categories such as Staff Wellbeing or Developing Emotional Literacy. Posts within these Categories display key information like the number of views or the date created and allow for users to jump into the conversation via a thread of comments. 
The community is an amazing place for bringing schools together, providing them with an array of resources and information to share. Having the ability to share resources with others in the community was something that Well Schools were keen to incorporate, so we created a media library to facilitate this.

A frequent concern for online communities is how to moderate the community and reduce spam posts or unconstructive behaviour. As such, we created the option to delete or censor other users’ posts and the ability to report or block other users.
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We built a Top Posts area giving Well Schools the choice to feature anything they particularly want to highlight. Everything within the community is completely clickable – categories, tags, and more, and colour-coded for convenience. User profiles are also easy to click into; find profile summaries, job titles, and schools at the click of a button before sending a private message directly to that user.

The ability to search for existing posts relevant to users’ current situations is a key feature of any community. Having an integrated advanced search functionality allows users to search more intuitively by keyword, topic, category, or ‘Schools like me’, which enables relevant and appropriate search results and provides a more personal feel. Having all content surfaced through the search functionality lets users find specific information with ease, reducing the manual effort previously required.
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The support and engagement we received from Cantarus was excellent. As a charity looking to create an online community for the first time, we appreciated their advice and direction drawing on the experts they have within their Team to create the community as well as their design and development expertise that helped with the look and feel of the platform.
Chris Wright, Head of Health & Wellbeing
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