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BVCA High Growth 2018 Website Case Study

A campaign microsite that spoke to prime growth equity companies and investors.

The Challenge
As the event was aimed at high growth companies and entrepreneurs, it was imperative that BVCA delivered a visually appealing site.

BVCA High Growth is the entrepreneurs’ event, with a particular focus on growth equity companies and investors that are involved before, during and after this stage of investment. Cantarus was tasked with creating the campaign microsite to promote this event.

The challenges that BVCA faced included a lack of clear pricing on the booking page for the user and the need for a mobile responsive website, that pushed increased interactivity to drive a more satisfying user engagement. There was also the need for greater promotion of roundtables and networking sessions, with simplified UI and clear call-to-actions.

Our Solution
We incorporated various animations and built a mobile responsive website to ensure a better overall user experience.

Following the theme of Transformers – all about how to prime growth equity companies and investors for success, and transform them into a powerhouse, constantly on the move – Cantarus’ concept for the High Growth microsite was centred around this idea of motion and movement.

Our goal was to drive awareness, and ultimately get bookings for the event. In order to achieve this, Cantarus created a mobile-optimised website to ensure the overall UX and ease of navigation was intuitive, with plenty of interactive elements and animations throughout. The homepage had clear call-to-actions for pricing, which was then easy to navigate through to the booking page. As this was a high-profile event, the sponsors’ logos were also featured prominently not only on the homepage, but across the whole site. The site had a very crisp, professional feel to it which was really important. We wanted to make sure that the site was clean and easy to use as the delegates could appreciate this.

The Results
The campaign site ran from January – June 2018 and the results were really impressive.

  • There were 38,078 pageviews across the 2018 High Growth website - a 71% increase from 2017 
  • 9,943 page views of the homepage where all sponsor logos are prominently featured
  • 1,992 page views of the sponsors page where all sponsor logos, company profiles and website links are present 
  • We had over 400+ delegates attending the event of which 50% were business leaders, 28% investors and 22% advisers and banks. This mix of delegates was the perfect balance and a huge success for the BVCA. 

To drive traffic to the website and event booking, the BVCA social media results are below: 

  • 74,486 impressions (Number of times users saw the 56 Tweets on Twitter) 
  • 605 engagements and 49 retweets
  • 282 tweets posted using #highgrowth2018
    • 107 contributors
    • 1,371,913 impressions of the hashtag #highgrowth2018 
    • 219,663 twitter unique users potentially reached 

Overall, the BVCA High Growth conference was a huge success, with delegate feedback on the event rating at 67% Excellent and 33% Good. Cantarus has already launched the new themed 2019 website and bookings are already available!

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The layout for the booking tiles was superb. The simplified UI clearly showed the different pricing options and categories, making it very easy for a user to select the appropriate ticket.

Greg Whittaker, Marketing Manager