memcom Event App

The digital launch of a mobile app for memcom’s annual flagship event.

The Challenge

memcom is an organisation serving leaders in professional associations, membership organisations, charities and the not-for-profit sector. memcom holds a yearly conference dedicated to sharing insights and expertise through a mix of high-profile speakers, leading-edge suppliers and networking opportunities. The conference is then followed by an awards ceremony to celebrate all of the great innovation and creativity within the membership sector.

memcom were eager to do something different this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary. They approached Cantarus to build them a bespoke, intuitive mobile event app for their 2019 conference on the MemConnect platform. memcom wanted the app to improve the overall event experience for delegates on-the-go, taking a more up-to-date, digital approach than in previous years. With the introduction of a new app, it was crucial that memcom devised a clearly-crafted marketing plan for the launch campaign to ensure delegates were aware of this new development.

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Our Solution

The app was due to be released in the week leading up to the event, so memcom needed to make sure it was marketed as much as possible.

Cantarus collaborated with the memcom team, providing them with our exclusive Influencer Package. This allowed memcom the ease of creating stimulating content which would drive interest in the app before the big day. The Package provided engaging content for memcom to promote, which social media channels to use, and the dates and times to schedule the posts for. We created the Influencer Package for the month leading up to the event to ensure optimal promotion of the app, with enough time to guarantee it was front of mind for delegates, and to build excitement in the launch.

Along with social content, we created corresponding assets for the social posts which fit the memcom brand, but also showed previews of the app and what was to come. We wanted to ensure extensive downloads of the app before and on the day of the conference, so it was vital that the posts and images would really ‘sell’ the app.

The posts were published by key influential stakeholders at memcom with large followings and engagement on their social channels. As such, we knew that the posts would naturally get a higher reach and target relevant people interested in the event. Part of our Influencer Package also included a short article about the app launch to be shared on LinkedIn via the influencer, which we then shared on our channels for higher awareness and reach. This further increased anticipation before the release.

As well as regular promotions of the app online by memcom, our social media team at Cantarus continued to share and engage with the posts as well as prepare our own content calendar around the event which would supplement the efforts delivered by memcom’s marketing team. It was fantastic to see the reaction memcom were getting from their followers and the engagement the posts were receiving.

The Results

Thanks to memcom’s active social media presence building up to the event, the stats speak for themselves.

  • 4,712 post views on LinkedIn,
  • 2.94% engagement rate on LinkedIn – compared to the average LinkedIn engagement rate of 0.054% according to Rival IQ,
  • 7,447 impressions on Twitter,
  • 1.15% engagement rate on Twitter – compared to the average Twitter engagement rate of 0.048%.

Getting an app developed successfully could have been a big challenge for memcom as we’d never created one for the brand before and had a fast approaching deadline. Cantarus’ expertise in app development not only conceptualised our objectives well, but also provided us with really worthwhile suggestions to make it even better. Cantarus has nourished a pool of skilled developers and designers with profound knowledge who create exceptional tools, all backed up with super organised account managers who help to run the process smoothly, ensuring a high level of service for the client. The Influencer Package they designed is one such example of the added value Cantarus offers: not only did the team create the app, they also helped us to spread the word and encourage engagement.

Anna Rivers, Marketing Manager