Membership Pain Points Series

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Ouch! Membership Pain Points Series

We understand membership organisations – the joys and the struggles. 

Beyond working with dozens of membership bodies, our team has worked for membership organisations both as full-time staff and as embedded consultants. We get membership from the inside out. That “eccentric” trustee (literally) screaming about home page content for their unapproved pet project? Check.  

Managing that kind of scenario is certainly a pain point for membership body staff. Hopefully it isn’t too common. But in our experience, many of the pain points for membership staff are shared throughout the sector. Large or small, global or regional, the people who keep the organisation running face the same challenges their peers at other organisations recognise. 

Let’s put our combined experience together, rank the most common challenges, and see where therapeutic digital prescriptions might ease the pain. Having led and internally managed all manner of membership sector technology projects, we can share approaches that have healed and soothed common aches, and point to compelling new remedies in emerging technologies.   

So, tell us where it hurts! Rank your top 4 membership pain points from the list below. Let us know any additional agonies we might have missed. We'll share the results and provide counsel on the digital prescriptions that offer relief. 


Our members are not engaging with us

We want to have more regular interaction with our members, but their time is precious. What can we do?

Younger members aren’t sticking around

Student members are disappearing after graduation. The competition of a CPD certification marks the end of membership for those slightly older. How do we persuade them to stay?

Retention of members – why are they leaving?

The exit interview typically gives the same answers: I changed employers – or – I didn’t see any tangible benefit. What do we do about this?

Recruiting new members

We’re so busy serving our existing members that our new member recruitment is an afterthought. How do we engage with non-members to leave them saying “more please?

Losing that loving feeling after meetings and events

Our organisation comes alive at our events, but then quickly slips back into low engagement afterwards. Is there a way to store that energy to power engagement for the rest of the year?

Nobody opens our email!

We have so many great things happening, but our members aren’t aware of it. Our open rates on email are declining to insignificance! How can we improve this?

Important stuff gets trapped, lost & stuck in email

Our internal work processes for staff and leadership committees are still in email. This means important details are lost, and updating for turnover is laborious. What can we change?

Revenue is down and the board wants to know why

Membership is declining, event attendance is off… I need to report why and offer solutions. How do I explain this?

We need a better way to choose our event tracks and sessions

Our event programme needs to reflect deep relevance across our membership, but the same people are involved in the programme determination year after year. What do we do to improve?

Digital Transformation gives us a lot of great data – what do we do with it?

We have a shiny new CRM and the member data is coming in. What was a trickle is now a flood – how do we channel that power?

Members still don’t know all of their member benefits

Member handbooks, newsletter, magazine, email: still, our members aren’t taking advantage of the programmes and benefits we offer. How can we let them know easily?

We can’t afford digital transformation!

Big changes are needed, but we don’t have the budget, staff time or technical expertise to own the project. Are there alternatives to the membership equivalent of a heart transplant?!