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Our platform for building the perfect app, on the perfect timescale, with a range of out-of-the-box and bespoke features tailored to your needs.

Introducing our app platform

We’ve designed the whole MemConnect offering with your team in mind – expertly guiding you at every step. From defining the value offering of your app, crafting a bespoke design for your brand, and implementing and delivering across all platforms, MemConnect projects are infused with our extensive experience in building great software.

Exceptional Experience

LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram have set the bar high. Meet your members’ expectations for exceptional user experiences and group engagement. Your organisation’s unique brand is uncompromised in look, feel, and features. Deliver benefits across value centres with a standalone, cross-platform app under your organisation’s name in both Apple and Google Play app stores.

Fully Customised

Cookie-cutter apps don’t make great brand advocates. MemConnect provides the best of both worlds – productised features of common value with the flexibility to include the unique benefits and functionality that set you apart. Enjoy complete control of branding and interaction design, delivering excellent value while delighting users.

Goodbye Silos

Your organisation offers multiple centres of value. Why not bring them all together in a single mobile solution, without your IT team worrying about yet another data processor? The powerful MemConnect Cloud unifies all your data sources into one cohesive experience.

Mix and match back-office software and push content to your users based on their interests. Record insights and data back into your CRM and other systems. MemConnect already speaks your language. We’ll do the heavy lifting on the integrations.

Future Proof

Apps offer native platform benefits that browsers can’t match. Push notifications and badge alerts can be customised to meet user preferences. Over two-thirds of online minutes are spent in apps – the MemConnect platform meets your end users where they are.

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